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Beat the Heat with Summer Slips!

Pretty Petti Slip by Secrets in Lace
The hottest part of summer is here, which means it is time for the
best kept summer survival secret: slips. Slips help keep you cool,
provide an extra layer between you and your clothing and help give you
extra coverage when wearing skirts and dresses. On top of that, our
slips are also elegant and romantic!

Crinoline with Contrast Trim
Slips can be worn two ways: as a light underlayer and as a garment
that gives your clothing a bit of a lift. Our Pretty Petti Slip gives
you a slightly puffier skirt, but still helps you stay cool when
temperatures are high. If you want a lot of poof, try one of our
crinolines! We have plain colors and these gorgeous contrast crinolines,
which are great when you want a pop of color under your outfit. We love
them for going out dancing and other evening events.

Dominique Full Slip
A full slip provides a silky layer between you and your clothing. Our
slips are easy to wash, which makes them great for summer! Instead of
slowly destroying your favorite dress in the heat, wear a slip between
your skin and the fabric. That way, you can wash the slip instead of
your dress over and over.

Dominique Full Slip/Champagne Lace

Rago Half Slip With Panty
If you want a little more smoothing, try a shapewear slip like this
Rago one. It’s great under pencil skirts and suits, but still gives you a
nice extra layer between you and your clothing.

Beat the Heat with Summer Slips! | Stockings and Lingerie Blog | Secrets In Lace

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