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Couture Stockings by Secrets in Lace

While we love lingerie, here at Secrets in Lace we’re truly stockings
experts at heart. While we produce a wide range of stockings, several
particular pairs are truly unique and close to our heart. Each stocking
in our Couture Collection represents a stocking that can’t be found
other places. We’ve created these through studying historical examples,
using vintage machines, vintage materials and then adding modern fit and
flair to some of them. Check out some of our special favorites today
and try one out for yourself!

Gennia 10 Denier RHT
These Gennia stockings are perfect for summer, since they’re some of
the lightest in the world! These basic stockings are perfect for hot
weather and sheer enough that people may not even be able to tell that
you’re wearing stockings: all they’ll see is your beautiful (and
magically polished) legs.

Natalie Diamond Heel
We love using unique heel shapes and bringing back old techniques,
but few variations are more stunning than this Natalie Diamond Heel.
These look wonderful with shoes that show off the diamond shape, while
the black back seam will complete your retro inspired look.

Banbury French Heel
We love colorful stockings, so naturally we’ve created these Banbury
French Heel stockings in lots of color options! These give you a bright
pop of color at the top (to keep secret or not) but still keep the
classic back seam and heel design.

Glimmer RHT
Everyone needs some glitter in their life, so why not add it to your
stockings? These radiant Glimmer RHT stockings are wonderful for parties
and special occasions. They’ll light up your legs and help you make a
wonderfully dramatic entrance.

Metallic Seamed Full Fashion
If full glitter isn’t quite your style, try our Metallic Seamed Full
Fashion stockings. These have glittery back seams that come in various
color options, but are contrasted with a beautifully made sheer black
stocking for a classic look.

Alisha 7 Denier RHT
Summer is here, which means light stockings are what we reach for.
Our Alisha 7 Denier are featherlight and perfect for all your summer
meetings, errands, brunches and picnics.

Couture Stockings by Secrets in Lace: 6 Pairs of Stockings You Won’t Find Anywhere Else | Stockings and Lingerie Blog | Secrets In Lace

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