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Restock Your Panty Drawer at Secrets In Lace!

Once a year, everyone should go ahead and clean out their underwear
drawer. Even if you love lingerie, we all have those worn out or ill
fitting pieces hanging around. Today, we’re going to cover some great
basic underwear that you can use to fill in your lingerie drawer,
whether you’re hit with the spring cleaning bug or just looking to bulk
up your collection.

SIL Retro Full Panty
Our SIL Full Panty is the perfect basic! Silky soft fabric creates a
wonderful feeling against your skin, while our exclusive embroidery adds
an elegant touch. These panties come in a full rainbow of colors, so
there’s a pair to match every bra in your collection.

Andrea High Waist Shaper Panty
Shaping doesn’t have to be boring! This sheer shaper is both
effective and sexy. We love the classic high waist look and the smooth
line it creates under even the thinnest fabrics.

Rhumba Panty
We believe that fun panties are essentials too! Our Rhumba Panty is
fun and flirty, which make them perfect under a dress at dinner or for a
romantic date night.

Satin Thong
Everyone needs one basic thong in their drawer, so we’ve taken it up a
notch with our soft satin version. This panty features high cut legs to
make your legs look longer, but is also cut for all day comfort.

Lolita Bikini
The basic beige bikini panty is a staple, so you can’t go wrong with
our Lolita Bikini (nor the matching Lolita Bra!). This panty is soft,
comfortable and perfect for everyday wear.

Restock Your Panty Drawer at Secrets In Lace! | Stockings and Lingerie Blog | Secrets In Lace

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