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Spring Stockings by Secrets in Lace!

We know how much you love stockings, so today we’re showcasing
some of our favorite warm weather and colorful stockings to go with that
new spring lingerie that we talked about last week. All of these
stockings provide that smooth and sultry look without creating extra
warmth in hot weather! As usual, there’s one for every occasion and

Signature RHT by Secrets in Lace
Our Signature RHT comes in a wide variety of colors and is perfect
when you want to add an accent color to your favorite outfit. We love
these in bold pastels for summer evenings and first dates.

Swiss Dot Stockings by Secrets in Lace
Our Swiss Dot stockings are sweet and classic! The elegant polka dot
look feels extremely pinup, while still looking timeless and elegant.

Signature 10 Denier RHT
Our 10 Denier stockings are some of the lightest on the market! These
are light as a feather and perfect for those muggy summer days. We love
the invisible smoothing effect they provide.

Glimmer RHT by Secrets in Lace
Sometimes we all need to add a little sparkle to things, which is
when these Glimmer RHT stockings come in handy! We love these for
special occasions where you want to add a hint of shine to your legs
without making it too obvious.

Premier Spanish Heel by Secrets in Lace
Our Premier Spanish Heel stockings are dramatic and fully
vintage-minded. These look great our dancing with heels or for evening

Premier European Heel by Secrets in Lace
Our Premier European Heel stockings come in lots of lovely pastel
colors for spring and are perfect for every day wear. These are made on
our vintage machines the way they were in the 1940′s and 1950′s, so
they’ll last for a long time with proper care.

Spring Stockings by Secrets in Lace! | Stockings and Lingerie Blog | Secrets In Lace

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