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Get Ready for Spring with Secrets in Lace!

Spring is almost here! While we love the strong colors of Valentine’s
Day, we’re also fans of soft pastels and the new shopping opportunities
that spring brings.  Check out some of our favorite pieces for you to
kick off your spring shopping!

Leopard Satin Bullet Bra by Secrets in Lace
Nothing ever looks as good under light sweaters like bullet bras.
Bullet bras will look amazing no matter what your style may be, but for
those who love vintage fashion especially the Leopard Satin Bullet Bra
won’t disappoint. If you are looking for that classic vintage silhouette
this is the piece for you. The satin will feel amazing on your skin,
and every lingerie lover has to have at least one leopard print piece in
their collection. This bra is sexy without being red and sheer look
makes it even more amazing!

Sophisticated Strapless Bra by Secrets in Lace
Showing off your feminine shoulders is one of the hottest trends of
the season, so you will probably need a bra that makes wearing those
blouses and dresses a breeze. The Sophisticated Strapless Longline is
great for many occasions, from weddings to beach dates. This bra will
give you a slimmer waist and is made of a mixture of sheer and satin

Andrea High Waist Shaper Panty by Secrets in Lace
After your fancy dinner date and chocolates you are probably looking
for lingerie that will do double duty. The Andrea High Waist Shaper
Panty is made to not only look seductive but to keep your tummy in
check. The way this panty is designed and constructed will give you
slimmer waist and accentuate your curves. Wear this with all your
favorite vintage dresses and skirts and feel amazing.

Gina Dress by Secrets in Lace
The dress to impress! Spring is coming quickly and the Gina Dress
will help you celebrate the season. This dress is covered in a adorable
floral print that will remind everyone why spring is the best season of
the year.

Elegance Spanish Heel Stockings by Secrets in Lace
Stockings truly complete a look – especially a vintage ensemble. The
Elegance Spanish Heel will give your legs a smooth texture and a
gorgeous glow. Pair these with your favorite garter belts and heels and
throughout the whole day you will feel extraordinarily fierce. These
will look amazing under all of your dresses and skirts, even if your
outfit isn’t very vintage inspired.

Classic lingerie for all occasions! Rock your curves wearing simple
black shaping panties to bold leopard bullet bras. Sometimes you need to
get lingerie that makes you look and feel good for yourself.

Get Ready for Spring with Secrets in Lace! | Stockings and Lingerie Blog | Secrets In Lace

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