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With the year coming to a close we thought “what we could do to make
the year’s end even sweeter?” The answer was the Speakeasy Lace Overlay
Pushup Bra! This piece is the perfect way to start off a great lingerie
collection or just the beginning of a new you. We will not only be
highlighting this amazing bra today but also some of our favorite items
that go with it.

Speakeasy Lace Overlay Push Up Bra
Speakeasy Lace Overlay Push Up Bra
First let’s go into detail about wonderful our new Speakeasy Lace Overlay Pushup Bra
really is. This bra was inspired by our Lace Cabaret Lace Plunge Bra
from 2009, but this bra has even more bells and whistles. This piece was
made with cups adorned with Swiss Lace, thick straps set wide to create
a stunning shape, and the sheer top cup can be tucked in to convert the
bra to daring shelf bra. Made to look and feel luxurious, while also
made to fit your vintage style as well. This bra is lightly padded and
is only available in black. Black lingerie truly looks amazing under

Retro Garter Belt
Retro Garter Belt
We crafted this piece to pair perfectly with some of our existing collections as well: one of them being the Retro Garter Belt.
Adorned with the same stunning Swiss Lace, this is the perfect garter
belt for the speakeasy bra. This classic 6 strap design will give you an
amazing silhouette under any vintage dress or skirt. The sheer front
panel is sexy and will give your waist an even slimmer appearance.

Retro Sheer Panty
Retro Sheer Panty
When you are wearing the Speakeasy Bra you want that piece to be the
highlight of the ensemble, so here is a simple and adorable pair of
panties that will look amazing with it. Our Retro Sheer Panty
is simple yet alluring. The high waist is a classic vintage shape while
the nylon gusset will let your curves shine through. This piece is
available in a wide array of colors and wonderful range of 7 sizes! Pair
the Speakeasy Bra with a black pair to complete the look.

Gennia 10 Denier RHT
Gennia 10 Denier RHT
All of our stockings would look stunning with the Retro Garter Belt and Speakeasy bra, but the Gennia 10 Denier RHT
is one of our favorites. These are some of our sheerest stockings.
These will give your legs a lovely smooth look while showcasing your
beautiful skin. The thick welt is sensual and completes this set

We are so excited to introduce our newest bra to our collection and
hopefully you are too. The Speakeasy Bra is beautiful and is perfect for
any vintage lover’s closet. Pair these with some of the pieces named
above and you have a harmonious set made to look great on anyone. Thank
you for the support over the year and we’re looking forward to seeing
you again in 2017.

New Lingerie Hot Off the Presses! | Stockings and Lingerie Blog | Secrets In Lace

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